Editorial planning 2017

Just like in the previous decade, the editorial staff of Grinta! will continue to invest in 2017 in top quality articles and pictures to make sure that every reader finds in every issue of our magazine a lot of valuable content. We have the ambition to leave no stone unturned when working on reports and stories in 2017 and we will make sure that a maximum of articles in the magazine is linked with the Grinta! website and the social media. Below you find the big stories that we plan in 2017. As always, the final content of a magazine is finetuned in the last weeks before publication. If you would need more information, please . 

Grinta 60 – March/April 2017

  • Big story: bike accidents + all kinds of insurances.

  • Big story: how are bike helmets tested + how do you choose the correct helmet?

  • Big story: Tro Bro Léon.

  • The mountains: Alpe D’Huez

  • Bike tests: 3 allround racebikes of 2.000 euro + five alternatives.

  • Human interest: keen on Flanders. Foreigners about their passion for cycling in Flanders.

  • Shoes and orthotics: what’s the benefit for cyclists?

  • Market overview: compact foldable rain jackets.

Grinta! 61 – May/June 2017 / 10 years Grinta! 

  • Human interest: the real bike tourists. Those who leave home with a completely packed bike and come back four months later.

  • Big Story: Mark Beaumont cycled in record time from Cairo to Cape Town on a carbon Koga with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2.

  • Bike tests: 3 travel bikes.

  • Market review: camping gear for cyclists.

  • The mountains: Mont Ventoux.

  • Big story: Granfondo Strade Bianche + Umbria. 

Grinta 62 – July/August 2017 / Wir sprechen Deutsch

  • Interview: Erik Zabel. About cycling, about Germany, about the popularity of the bike in Germany, about his passion for the bike, about his link with Canyon, about his cycling son, about …

  • Tourism: Allgäu

  • Big story: Eddy Merckx Classic Salzburg.

  • Company visit: a German giant (eg. Cube) + a high-tech niche player (eg. Schmolke, THM, AX Lightness, Lightweight,…). Side story: the remarkable story of the German online sellers Rose and Canyon.

  • Bike test: the battle between a German, Swiss and Austrian hardcore racebike

  • The mountains: Col du Tourmalet

Grinta! 63 – September/October 2017

  • Big story: Grinta! Dolomites week.

  • Bike test: 10 racebikes with disc brakes.

  • Preview: 2018 bikes and parts seen at the Eurobike Media Days.

  • Market overview: rain covers.

 Grinta 64 – November/December 2017 / Young and old

  • Market overview kids bikes.

  • Market overview comfort racers + accessories that can help older cyclist to keep riding in comfort.

  • Tested: three kids bikes.

  • Test: three comfort race bikes.

  • Big story: BMX, the basics of cycling.

  • Big story: how do you learn you kid to ride a bike correctly? Training wheels or balancing bike?


  • Big story: the risks of cycling for very young cyclists and elderly people.

Grinta! publishes two extra editions in 2017. One appears in March 2017 (Special E-biking), the other one in September 2017 (Special Mountainbiking). If you would need more information on the content of both Specials, please contact chief-editor Bart De Schampheleire